That most certainly was not my intention, and, (having predicted this reaction), I tried my best to make that clear. This isn't about how the man's severed head affected me, it's about how all of my feelings and inconveniences were trivial compared to those of the deceased, train operator, and accident witnesses. » 1/23/12 6:47pm 1/23/12 6:47pm

Watch Steven Tyler Screech His Way Through The National Anthem

Butchered celebrity performances of "The Star-Spangled Banner" are as important to American history as the anthem itself, but Steven Tyler gave us something entirely different during today's AFC Championship. His may be the first rendition that screeched while being butchered. » 1/22/12 4:33pm 1/22/12 4:33pm

One Year After Shooting, Gabrielle Giffords To Step Down From Congress

In a YouTube video posted this afternoon, Representative Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona announced that she will be stepping down from Congress later this week, just over a year after being shot by Jared Lee Loughner in Tucson. » 1/22/12 2:53pm 1/22/12 2:53pm

SoCal City To McDonald's: Get Off My Super Healthy Lawn

A redevelopment project in Loma Linda, California is being met with protest now that city council members have approved the addition of a McDonald's to their historically healthy community. » 1/22/12 1:25pm 1/22/12 1:25pm

Joe Paterno Dead at 85, Family Confirms

After a day of false rumors and corrections, ABC News is reporting that ex-Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, known by fans as "JoePa," has died after a battle with lung cancer at the age of 85. The news comes just months after the child-abuse scandal that cost Paterno his job at Penn State. » 1/22/12 11:11am 1/22/12 11:11am

Inside Perry's Campaign: "Some Count It Among The Worst Experiences Of…

The Austin American Statesman and Houston Chronicle are reporting today that a major factor leading to the failure of Rick Perry's presidential campaign was friction between its two very different teams: the "loyalists" like Rob Johnson and Dave Carney, who had worked with Perry throughout much of his 12 years in… » 1/22/12 11:07am 1/22/12 11:07am

Veteran In Need Of New Kidney Accidentally Buys Lottery Ticket, Wins…

By the time Napoleon Elvord found last week's winning Megabucks ticket, he had been a millionaire for three days. » 1/22/12 9:32am 1/22/12 9:32am

16-Year-Old Girl Sails Around the World Alone, Parents Not Arrested

After a yearlong journey, Laura Dekker, a 16-year-old from the Netherlands, completed a solo sailing trip around the world today. Upon her arrival at port, Dekker was greeted by family, friends and neighbors celebrating her safe return. » 1/21/12 4:08pm 1/21/12 4:08pm

Bull with Flaming Wax on Horns Kills Man, Reminds Us Not to Put Flaming…

A 45-year-old man was killed early this morning after being gored and trampled by a bull during a festival in Navajas, Spain. After flaming balls of wax were placed on the bull's horns in a tradition known as "correbous," the man tripped and was quickly brought down by the charging animal. » 1/21/12 2:11pm 1/21/12 2:11pm

Private Clinics Given Right to Advertise Abortions on British TV

It was announced Friday that private clinics in Britain would be allowed to advertise their planning services, including abortion, on British television starting April 30. It's a right that, until yesterday, had existed only for non-profit clinics. » 1/21/12 12:58pm 1/21/12 12:58pm

Man Shoots Nail Into Brain, Uploads X-ray To Facebook

While en route to an Illinois hospital after doctors discovered a nail lodged in his brain, one man did what anyone with a smartphone and shocking personal news would do: he uploaded a photo of the X-ray to his Facebook profile. » 1/21/12 9:09am 1/21/12 9:09am